How Much is MDS Software?

Price is important of course, we all want to know how much stuff costs.  Our pricing is based on the size of your dairy, amount of rounds and custom modules. We write all our software in house from scratch, with our dedicated team of quality programmers.

We are not cheapest, our software is written with help from dairies through out the UK who contribute ideas and knowledge to make the system the best on the market.  We do not write software for paper sales, fish mongers, meat suppliers or others, not to be confused with other companies. Our goal is to supply the Ultimate Milk Delivery Software available, with beyond excellent quality and service. We believe our software enhances your sales, saves in house labour, increases interaction between yourselves and your customers with our customer app and grows your business to the levels you want it to grow. Plus ..We work with you all the way to help, write and improve your system. 

We understand that moving over to new software or coming from books is a daunting task but we are here to help you all the way. Contact us below for a demo and more information

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