Getting Started

So you want to use our system?  You’ve said yes you want to go ahead,


What happens now? We will help you all the way !



We set up a blank system for you on our servers this takes around 48 -72 hours to do. Once this is done and you are notified, you can upload your products to the portal and system by logging in to the main system itself with your unique user name and password. Then go to settings and start adding your categories and products with prices and pics.

We will import your customers for you so we will need them in rounds, so if you have 4 rounds send us the 4 rounds in customer round order, these need to be in the following format. Customer name (only if you have it ) Full address ( not  just 20 Crown but 20 Crown Close and we also require the full post code. So an example would be Mrs Jones - 20 Crown Close , Chingford - London E4 7RA and place them in round order.  

Once we have imported your customers you can create their standing order, simply go to customers, find the customer, add new order and create the order example: 2 Semi on Mon - 2 on Wed - 2 on Fri , 1 Hovis Bread Friday save the order and do the rest for all your other customers its quicker than you think. Make sure before this you have added the required postcodes and a roundsman see below section "what areas do the system deliver to" 

Our app developer will configure the app to your system, you can have an opening logo if you send it to us. There is no charge for the continuing use of the app but there is an initial £150 set up for for the app developers to program it for you  

When you are ready to go live live, example: You want to start using the system on Monday 4th you will need to add your existing customers outstanding balance so if you deliver up to Saturday then you will have Saturday night and Sunday to add these balances so the system is fully up to date for invoicing and the app and client will be able to see the exact amount owing.

We highly suggest and recommend that you use the system for 1 to 2 weeks before you introduce your customers to the portal, this is to ensure all is working correctly and the portal will show the customers deliveries over that time when they first login. All customers are imported as offline customers to start , so when you inform your customers of the portal they will be presented with a unique username and password for first time login which will force them to change their password to a password of their choice because of GDPR rules. IMPORTANT: For customers to pay online you will need a payment gateway portal see below pay online

This is very easy you simply need to add a link in your menu bar to say similar to Customer Area (  or your chosen name ) we will give you the link and when a customer clicks on it they will go to your customer area on the server

If we have imported your customers it is likely that we have imported your postcodes as well. If you are doing it manually you need to go to  settings - accessible streets and add your postcodes. Once done make sure you add a roundsman and allocate him the postcodes you want his round to deliver to, or you can simply manually allocate a new customer to any roundsman you want. Simply go the customer that has signed up( you would have got an email confirmation ) click action - update and change the roundsman responsible for that customer to your choice

You will need a payment gateway portal, there are lots around easy ones like paypal, square and others but these are dearer than the likes of worldpay, realex and barclaycard etc. The latter take a lot more time to set up and have a lot of red tape but their rates are much cheaper. We do not take any money for sales.