Frequently Asked Questions

Here are genuine frequently asked questions by clients throughout the months
of March and April. Please feel free to read through them

Portal Questions

We import the existing customers for you. You send us your rounds , with customer name ( if you have it ) full address and postcode and send them in round order we will then import them, if you need to change order at any time then this can be done easily by moving customers up or down and slotting them in including new customers, you will get an email confirmation when a new customer signs up.

Go to settings in the back end main system and got to categories and products, simply setup your categories ( milk, dairy, home etc ) and then add your products with your prices and they will appear in the portal.

Yes you can deliver any days of the week to certain areas the system is totally flexible.

Yes you can allocate certain postcodes, any person trying to sign up out of your catchment area can receive a message on the portal  stating example "..Sorry we do not deliver to that area please call our office " or whatever message you like  

You will need a payment gateway, such as world pay, realex or others like paypal, stripe square or similar we can integrate most payment gateways without issue provided you give us full details. All monies go directly into your bank acount

You can set a certain time for a cut off point example 8.00pm. If customers try to book after this a message will appear saying it is to late . You can modify this to perhaps.. example:  "..Sorry you are too late please use message milkman and he will see what he can do " or simply let them know it is to late.

Contract Questions

There is no yearly contract, we are so confident that our system will increase your sales, dramatically reduce labour times and wastage that we do not tie you in. We ask you for 3 months notice if you ever decide to leave.

Yes, there is a £150 setup fee for the system but this is fully returned to you after you have paid 3 months of invoices. There is a one off fee of £90 to programm the handheld to match your system irrelevant of how may handhelds you need 

No. Your monthly subscription includes all support whether by phone, email or text

Yes we are happy to modify systems to your exact requirements simply tell us what it is you need.

We need to know how many rounds you have , how many customers and whether you are just a door step customer no commercial or and you have business customers with VAT invoicing

All payments are taken 1 month in arrears via direct debit



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