Deliver and Manage Easily With a
Custom Android Device

Deliver and Manage your Doorstep Customers with any Android
Device. No Data Required – Use On Line or Offline

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Less Paperwork – More Time – Less Hassle, no need for expensive custom handhelds. Less paper work for busy milk people and easy delivery of products. Simply install our app on to any modern Android phone and that’s it. Log in, see all your customers, todays deliveries, debts and more.

  • * Login into cloud server using 4g or wifi
  • * Instantly see your round order
  • * See live up to date bills 
  • * Mark payments paid on collection 
  • * Cancel deliveries or adjust quantities
  • * Add one time order products
  • * Set holiday breaks and more

Our MDS Delivery App is Specifically Designed to Meet Your Delivery Needs.

No Data Required

Works Offline only, downloads data that is new and required, once initial download is done.

System Integration

Integrates directly into the MDS backend for instant changes and updates

Shows Future Data

Shows previous delivery days and future delivery days up to 30 days in advance

Load lists and More

Shows load lists searchable by customer, shows who's on holiday, NTFN, cancelled

Secure Payments

Take payments, print bills and delivery sheets via a blue tooth printer

24/7 Support

Support via dedicated chanel. Custom options / modifications as required

Enhance the Power of Your Business Productivity

Reduce Errors and Issues

Order entry through an app minimizes the risk of human error or miscommunication compared to phone calls or emails.

Faster Processing

Orders placed through the app can be automatically received and processed by your dairy, streamlining the workflow and potentially decreasing wait times.

Quick and Easy For Your Customers

Ordering through the app is the fastest and most straightforward way to place an order. No need to wait on hold or type out a lengthy email.

Customer satisfaction is our major goal.
See what our customers are saying about us.

“…Delighted to be one of the first users of MDS software, with over 20 rounds to look after and using traditional books this has become a game changer. Less wastage, happy milky’s, no writing out bills and much easier for delivering using the app.

We would highly recommend the MDS Software System to any Dairy looking for quality dairy software

Paul Lough

Parker Dairies

“…We wanted to go further with our business and chose MDS for their excellent customer portal and customer app which our customers can control their own accounts. This has reduced a huge work load of emails and phone calls into our office.

We now just advertise and customer sign up on our app and order. We are extremely delighted with the software and the quality of the service provided ” 

Gary Hooper

NFCollins Dairy

“..The MDS system has significantly reduced the workload in our farm office for both our doorstep and wholesale delivery rounds. Amendments to customer orders are now far easier to manage invoicing is far less labour intensive, The MDS team has been very responsive to our questions and feedback, helping us overcome any issues we have faced. We highly recommend this software for dairy farms’ delivery rounds.

Sue Webster

Hinexden Farm