Deliver and Manage Easily With a
Custom Android Device

Deliver and Manage your Doorstep Customers with any Android Device
No Data Required – Use On Line or Offline

Our Milk Dairy Software Runs on any Android Device

Milk and Dairy Delivery App

Here is an explainer video out lining the features and benefits of our delivery app.

Less Paperwork – More Time – Less Hassle, no need for expensive custom handhelds. Less paper work for busy milk people and easy delivery of products 

Simply install our app on to any Android phone and thats it. Log in, see all your customers, todays deliveries, debts and more. All apps can be made to your exact requirements

*  Login into our cloud server using 4g or wifi
*  Instantly see your round in correct order
*  See live up to date bills for last week and week ending 
*  Mark payments paid on collection and door step envelopes
*  Cancel deliveries or adjust quantities
*  Add one time order products
*  Set holiday breaks and more

Connect Directly With the
Main Server Instantly

All adjustments are instant, payments, orders, cancellations all are
instantly updated. Your office can see and update customers with any
queries instantly. Make adjustments in advance easily, simply selecting a
date of your choice

Print Bills Directly

Print bills / receipts directly to a bluetooth thermal printer!
Take it with you while collecting if needed. Leave bills in milk bottles for door step customers or put them in envelopes.
No ink to worry about, amazing battery life, simple cost effective 58mm till rolls


Use it On the Go

Mark deliveries as you drop them and input your payments and adjustments, drop the milk float back and go home

Use it at Home

Jot down your adjustments on a piece of paper, go home (or the office ) and put them in at your leisure

Use a Web Broswer

Go back to the office and use the PC or pull out a laptop, and enter your adjustments. It's up to you


Lost Your Mobile?

No problem...Log in from any web browser to put your adjustments directly into the back end

Log in directly with your milkman ID and password to access your round and make your adjustments until you can get another phone. Simply re-install the app and off you go

Dont want to use the app? Phone a bit small for the eyes?  You don’t need to ! You can do exactly the same on the app and more using a standard web browser on any PC, MAC, Tablet

Quick Questions and Answers

It's not a problem, yes upsetting as we know but you can login through any web browser to make changes untill you get your phone found, or get a new one. Simply install the app again and login 

Yes of course, for a small fee we can make the app do almost anything you want. Please ask us

There is no limit, our servers can handle as many phones that you need and we do not charge per phone

Don't worry first of all! You only need an Internet connection to make the initial login, via Wi-Fi or 4G. Once your round is done you simply re-sync back to the server via 4G or Wi-Fi

The app can be used in several ways. You can mark products as delivered after every call if you do this there is nothing left to do when you get back to the yard. You can also jot down any adjustments on a piece of paper ( no milk today , one less milk, payment envelopes etc. etc. ), when you get back to the yard or home simply load up the app and make your adjustments at your leisure, once your adjustments are finished, simply click the delivered all button and that it! See our video demo section for more 

Yes you can, this is a new feature we have implemented, you can print a bill instantly showing how much the customer owes up to the end of this current week using a bluetooth thermal printer