Video Demos

Normally we would come to your Dairy and demo the product face to face but due to recent events we cannot, therefore we have made some basic screen capture videos ( we will get them done professionally as soon as we can ) so apologies for the umm's and arr's in the commentary!


Milkman Delivery App

A quick look at our delivery app in action with adjustments, payments, one off products and more. Please have your sound on

Customer Portal

Here you can see a live view of our customer portal in action, showing how easy it is to setup an account, adjust regular standing orders, add new product, view statements and pay online. Please have your sound on

In House System

A  quick look at our in house  system that completes the delivery app and the customer portal showing how rounds are generated to show delveries for the next day and more. Please have your sound on!

Bluetooth Printer Printing

A video to show printing a receipt or bill to a bluetooth printer for your doorstep customers. Please have your sound on

Print Directly to Bluetooth

Print directly to a bluetooth thermal printer, super long battery life, no ink ultra portable to fit in your pocket, takes standard till rolls. Print bill up to end of this week, ideal for non Internet doorstep cash customers


No Ink - Tills Rolls

1 Second Printing 

Take While Collecting

Bills / Receipts


Contact Info

Chingford London E4 7RA


07931 937100 we are working from home due to covid-19

Find us on twitter with other milk dairies !


Support and Downloads

Email us on [email protected]