Take Your Dairy to Another Level
With Your Own Customer App

Let your customers manage their accounts quickly and easily with your very own customer Dairy app


Our MDS Milk Delivery Customer App is Out in January 2023 For Android and iOS

Customer Milk Delivery App

You can see a sneak preview of our new Customer App ( in prototype format) in this video 

Ever wanted to compete with the so called big boys? Thought of about having your own app to compete but concerned about the cost and implementation of it? Then read on ..

Our new customer app comes out in January and as you know everybody likes apps, downloading apps, installing them, using them etc. So its logical that an app for your customers to control their account is the right way to go. 

Well you can now compete, because our Customer app is free* of charge to all our Dairies, it links directly into your MDS system and updates your customers orders and requests in seconds. 

Your customers simply download it, enter their email address, our servers find them, register them and away they go. There is no need to send out any portal keys the app does it all for you. 

With our backend system, delivery app, portal and now customer app we believe you wont find a better Milk Delivery Software System out there. 

We think you will find the following features and benefits of our customer app will take your business to another level

*  Available on Android and iOS Devices
*  Increase Your Sales
*  Reach a Wider Audience
*  Updates Instantly to Customer Accounts
*  Cancel Deliveries or Adjust Quantities
*  Add One Time Order Products
*  Set Holiday Breaks
*  Pay Bills 
*  Get Paid Quicker
*  Set Up Direct Debit
*  Drastically Reduce Phone Calls / Emails Into Office





Take Your Dairy To The Next Level

Instant Synchronisation

Instant modifications to customer accounts, no waiting, no emails or calls

Use it Any Time of The Day

Download install and start using straightaway anytime of the day

Android or Ios

Install on any Android or iOS device like phones or tablets


Need a Demo?

Email or call us and we'll send you login details of our demo system

You can try a fully working system populated with customers and test all functions of our system including our new customer app by simply contacting us 



Quick Questions and Answers

You can test our back end system and delivery app right now. Please use the contact form and we will hook you up with our demo.